Urgent Evoke Exposé: Call for Interviewees

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Welcome Urgent Evoke Agents!

the 'certificate' problem is merely the latest in a series of issues in Urgent Evoke.  i am assembling a news project that will search for the truth about Urgent Evoke, Jane McGonigal and the World Bank.  it will be a series of interviews with Urgent Evoke Agents.  if you are interested in contributing, please send me a message using the form on this blog.  please include the following information:

1) do you want me to include your name and/or Urgent Evoke nickname, or do you want to be anonymous?
2) can you do a video, audio or text-only interview?  this includes using IM and video-calling software such as Skype or Google Video.
3) can you help out with other parts of this news project, such as programming, graphic design, social networking or publicity?

i intend to make this project as objective as possible.  please provide suggestions and feedback.

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